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    Default mobile pdr question

    I stumbled across this board about a week ago and have already found lots of useful thank you! I just have one question:

    I have mobile pdr on my handheld, and would like to copy the whole thing to my SD card. I tried using the copy function, but it didn't copy the whole thing. Can anyone help me please? Thanks!!

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    Hotsync it to your desktop, then find the file and use Quick Install to send it to your SD card on the next hotsync. Ought to work.
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    Thanks for your reply! -- I'll have to try that...But how do you hotsync something to your desktop? Before I read your post, I already downloded the pdr installer again, and I couldn't find a way to change where it installed on my handheld, so that didn't work. (I don't even know if what I'm saying is making sense!) Okay, anyway...I'll try to figure this out...

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    When you say "installer" I'm assuming you mean that it was an .exe file. If that is true, then here is my experience with those:

    When you run the .exe file, it installs the files into a folder called "Install" which is located in your Palm/username folder, along with your Backup, Photo, Address, Archive, Datebook, Memopad, etc. On your next hotsync, those files are automatically installed to the handheld - you have no choice. However, if you open Palm QuickInstall, click "Add", and navigate to that file in the folder called "Install", choosing to add it to Palm QuickInstall, you can then delete the file from its "Install" folder. Then, lastly, drag the Palm app down into the lower portion of the Palm QuickInstall window, which is for installing directly to the SD card. The app should be on your card after your next hotsync. (If you hotsync after running the .exe but before all this maneuvering, then you will be in the same old spot that you don't want.)

    Whew! It sounds more complicated than it is, and like a lot more work, too. It seems that every .exe that I've installed to my Palm has ended up in this situation. This method has worked for me; I hope it helps you!
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    thank you so much for your help!! everything pretty much worked out (i'm just missing one file...but i think i can fix that).



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