The Conduit that just wouldn't go away

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    Default The Conduit that just wouldn't go away

    How the bleep does one get rid of those pesky little un-wanted palm desktop hotsync conduits that just don't wanna go?!

    I tried the trial version sof Simple Sketch 2 (what a nightmare) and after it didn't quite dispay itself correctly on the handheld (lines of layout weren't redrawn etc) I used the uninstall that came with it to delete all.

    Unfortunately that didn't work even after then resetting multiple times, using the "remove programs" from my Windows XP and doing a manual mass search for any simple sketch file.

    Help Help!

    The makers of that particular program don't reply to their email and even posting to their forum doesn't have a solution. (Other's posting problems had no answer)


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    I don't know how to remove those pesky conduits either. I recommend setting them to "do nothing".

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    You could reinstall Palm Desktop, and when prompted, choose the option to install only the default conduits.

    That should remove the conduit you can't get rid of. It will, unfortunately, get rid of any third party conduits that you wanted to keep -- such as the conduits for AvantGo or Documents to Go. At that point, you would have to reinstall the software for the conduit you wanted to keepl

    While there is some extra work to get things cleaned up, it should work.

    Alan G



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