Zire 71's screen quality and backlight issue

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    Default Zire 71's screen quality and backlight issue

    I compared the screen quality plus backlight of Tungsten|T, Tungsten|W, and Zire 71. Looks like Zire got better screen then Tungsten.

    Is it true Zire 71 do not have the feature of turn of the backlight?

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    I'm pretty sure that the Zire 71 uses a Transflective TFT screen like the one on the m130. These types of screen must have a backlight on to be able to view what is one the screen. Otherwise, it would just be black.
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    Ugh. No. The Zire71's screen is about 4 billion times better than the crap screen in the M130. The only PDAs with better screens are Sony's NX and NZ, and MAYBE HP's iPaq 3955. Then only because the Zire has a slight blusish tint (which isn't unpleasent by any means), and isn't as large as the NX/NZ. And all of those PDAs cost $100-200+ more.

    It's by far the best screen ever on a PDA by Palm.

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    I still hold the suspicion that Palm slipped a passive DSTN screen into the Zire 71.

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    Um...except that they didn't. Just look at it in a store. The m130 is presumably passive (or at least the worst looking active matrix ever), but the Zire 71 is one of the best 2 or three screens ever used on a PDA.



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