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    Default Unable to establish connection

    I have Zire 21, win98, USB cable and is synching with Outlook.

    My error is "Unable to establish connection."

    1. In my hotsync manager...I only have local usb checked.
    In my Custon>conduits I have the Outlook Calendar, Outlook Contacts, Outlook Task and Outlook Memos are all synchronize the files. My Install blah blah... are enabled. System is handheld overwrites desktop.

    2. I have tried uninstalling pds, deleting US Robotics in the registry, rebnooting and reisntalling pds.

    3. I have tried unplugging the USB, rebooting and pluggin it back it.

    4. I have the chapura update and the chapura settings are same as the hotsync manager settings.

    Still could not establish connection

    Please tell me where else I went wrong =(

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    Check your version of Hotsync Manager if its version 4.0 then you should install the following update. Palm don't seem to want to share it and searches of their knowledgebase don't spaek of it but this cured my similar issues.


    Good Luck!

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