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    Default Rom Update Experience

    After watching all of you this week do the update, I finally had the time this morning to do it on my T5. Thank God it seemed to work without a hitch. Here's my experience:

    I downloaded the latest version of backupman and it ran successfully. I made a copy of my backup folder, just in case I needed to restore from it later. I read the Palm directions and changed a couple of my hotsync setting to synchronize as they recommended. I would have forgotten to do that. I ran Speedy and got 370 MHZ and after the update it actually decreased to 366mhz. I checked memory aand had 36.6 free which increased 32% to 48.4 after the update. Even though I thought my battery was fully charged, I got a screen warning saying the needed to attach my charger, which I did. I could watch the onscreen progress as the ROM was flashed, then it required a planned reset ending in the usual setup screen which occurs after a hard reset. I checked to see if I got the new ROM date and I did. Next the second page on directions on my PC called for the second hotsync to restore all data. I had to select me as the user and at the end of the hotsync, it asked for a final reset. After that, it looks as though everything is restored. I did notice that one small program I have (Cardinhand, a small flash card utility) used to crash if it wasn't opened in landscape. It now runs fine when opened in portrait or landscape.

    Inhale-exhale. Survived so far. Best to all of you still recovering. Bill
    Palm Pilot -> Palm 5x -> T/E -> T5
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    Unhappy postscript to ROM Update: Wifi/G1

    I had to re-install the Palmone Wifi drivers. For some reason these did not re-install. After installing, it seems the Wifi card found and connected to my home wireless interney (Linksys, wireless G) much faster than previously.

    The G1 files also did not reinstall. I reloaded the files from here:
    http://yahm.palmoid.com/G14OS54.zip, hotsynched and it still doesn't work. I'll try it again now.

    Well trouble in paradise. G1 still doesn't work after the second try at installing. I know I've seen other posts where G1 worked after the ROM update. Anyone got any suggestions? Thanks

    Oh yea! After you install the two files you need to do a soft reset! Forgot that. Now it works! Back to G1. Great!
    Palm Pilot -> Palm 5x -> T/E -> T5
    512mb card (PNY), Palm WiFi

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    Default Re: Rom Update Experience

    Originally posted by brush
    I downloaded the latest version of backupman and it ran successfully. I
    Have you also tried a restore from BackupMan?


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    I flashed my T5 and I have noticed a significant boost in speed.

    I bought an HP HX 2750 last week. I am very impressed with it. This is the 1rst PPC I can safely say I like. It is expensive but you can tell HP really worked hard on the ergonomy, the materials, etc.

    Great screen. Easy reset hole. WiFi/BT. CF/SD. Strong rubber grips. Nice colors. Replaceable batt. Good batt life. Love the biometric fingerprint protection. Front mic. Front speaker (nice and loud). No audio buzz. Awesome sound quality with HP bass/tremple controls (I always loved this from HP). No screen buzz. LEDs for all status (charged, charging, BT, WIFI). Easy power button. The Dpad is not so hot, but its OK enough to not complain. Very fast operations w/624mhz 128MB + big ROM store. No annoying light on the cradle (like for my T5).

    And one of the most important reasons I got the HX 2750... WordLogic. This has got to be the fastest most error-free natural way of entering text on any handheld. I've emailed the developers for a Palm OS version for 2 years now, they just don't care. I really need this program because I enter tons of PIM info daily and it has to be fast and with the least amount of work possible.

    Jeff Kirvin's podcast on how PalmOne keeps making developers' jobs difficult with constant secret changes reminded me of the issues and this made me revisit PPC again. When I went on HP's site, they had a promise to upgrade the hx2750 to WM2005, and that was what made the sale.

    I still love my T5, and I plan on keeping it for quite some time. I am not closed to the idea of making Palm OS my main PDA again in the future but here are some pre-requirements I will be looking for:

    - OLED screen. <---- Critically important.
    - Wordlogic (or something very similar) www.wordlogic.com
    - Respect ergonomic fundamentals. T5 is perfect in this matter.
    - OS 6 or PalmLinux.
    - WiFi BT built-in.
    - Replaceable battery.
    - Front speaker, front MIC, front power button.
    - No HD unless it is used merely as storage like an SD. I want independant RAM/ROM execution memory not tied to the HD in any way.

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    Thanks for the welcome, everybody!

    Okay, so I ended up reinstalling all my apps, re-syncing my data, and configuring/registering everything. Ugg...

    However, not that I'm done, I've noticed the T5 is more responsive. I'll have to test to determine if it's more stable, but I was suffering the frequent crashes due to large databases, so I'm optimistic that will stop.

    Regarding my update trouble, one detail to note: my T5 crashed after every sync with a MemoryMgr.c error, which after reloading twice I decided was a PalmOS bug. This may have contributed to my data not resyncing after the update.

    Thanks, all!

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    thanks alooooooot

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    Default Australian website

    For those Aussies who were complaining about the Australian website not having the update... it's been up for the last few days as far as im aware...

    Oh and i installed the update without a hitch (touch wood) and all is fine... havent had to reset once (except for a game which always requires reinstallation after a hard reset), hotsynching is much faster than previous (but i figure this will relapse after a month or two), and generally experiencing faster response times.

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    Default Success

    Made the update at 5am cst this morning. All went smooth. whew! I did balk at first but I decided it had to be done.



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