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    Default Re: Finally. Make your palm to work _HOURS_ more.

    Quote Originally Posted by raspabalsa
    I thought the voltage offset was not hardware-dependant... I don't know what it is, but here's the data from my T3 with Sony screen:

    voltage step offset: -3
    minimum voltage: 3.50 V

    So anyone knows what the voltage step offset is and why it varies?

    Reply from mobile-stream:

    That is normal. This seems to depend on the ADC/battery/ROM combination
    that is used in the given T3.

    R> I have two T3's but their "voltage step offsets" are different?

    R> What is this voltage step offset?

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    Default Re: Finally. Make your palm to work _HOURS_ more.

    Thanks for the info, clocker2.

    But if this is normal, then why do the T3s with lower step offset benefit more from FullPower? Have you measured how much time each of your T3s gain with FP?
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