How good are Dane-Elec SD cards?

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    Default How good are Dane-Elec SD cards?

    I just bought a few dane-elec branded cards and I was wondering if these are good or not so good SD cards, on the box says iso 9000 and 10 years warranty!!

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    Last summer I purchased a Dane Elec 256MB card which lasted all of 1 day in my T1. I am not sure what the problem was, but it would continually not be recognized in either my Palm or my card reader.

    I never did try it in my digital camera.

    Using card info on the palm, I found this card to be a rebranded san disk card.

    After eventually figuring out the card was faulty (and that it was not me) I tried contacting Dane Elec. Very poor customer service, in my opinion, as I received no responses to my phone calls and emails.

    I then returned the card to the store where I purchased it, and they gave me a replacement. This card is a rebranded Panasonic, and it works absolutely perfectly.

    Ultimately, I am happy with their product as it has worked like a charm since initially being replaced.

    Good luck with your cards!

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    I just opened the case and inserted the 128Mb card on slot, appeared as a Toshiba card, I read a report that this cards reads at 16mb/s but writes at slow rates, something around 2mb/s, after a couple hours of use I can say that this one is faster than my previus SandDisk 256.



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