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    nobody mentioned froogle?

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    Try e-bay!!
    Harry Potter Fan

    I currently have a:

    Palm Tungsten T3
    Palm Ultra-thin Keyboard
    Palm Power to Go
    Monopoly/Scrabble SD Card
    pa1mone 64m card (OEM Panasonic)
    Kodak 128 mb card (OEM Toshiba)
    2 Merriam Webster Dictionaries(One went bad)

    If you want anymore info on any of the products listed above, private message me with the request.


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    check out for an interesting offer for those who like listening to books. $100 off jandr's price (about $360) if you also agree to a one-year subscription ($15/month) to the offer also applies to other items, btw, and since i already have a t-3, i took advantage of the offer to purchase an ipod mini.



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