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    I installed the E2 Software from the original installation disk and then installed
    the Vista update from the Palm Web Site on to my Laptop running Vista Home Premium. The message that the driver installed properly appeared. When I hotsync all the proper screens and noises are there. The problem is there is no actual data transferred either way. Anybody have a solution for this problem?


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    I tried to install Vista Ultra on one of our office PCs yesterday to test all sorts of software we use - it didn't work as the load DVD was cut faster than 2x (go figure) so I'm sourcing another copy - we are a Microsoft Gold Partner so all is above board. We are an IT company with lots of customers to support who are buying Vista PCs and sticking them on their networks and we are inundated with support calls. Lots of stuff isn't working from XP upgraded to Vista with latest drivers. I have told them no formal support until the release of SP1. We had the Microsoft guy in charge of Vista in Australia in our office 3 weeks ago and he said that we should only install Vista partitioned with XP as he suggests there are lots of driver problems. I'm not blaming Microsoft as most vendors have known this was coming months/years ago.

    As a happy E2 user, one of my 1st tests was going to be the Hot Synch. Maybe next week we can ***** about this problem together. This doesn't help you now but at least you should be "comforted" by the fact that there are other unhappy campers out there in Vista land.

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    I'm having a similar problem with a TX. Actually, it will work for a while, then exhibit the same non-synch behavior, but when I uninstall and reinstall the palm desktop; it works ok for a week or two. I have no idea what would cause this behavior.

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    It's pretty simple. Vista is nothing like XP. They changed massive portions of it. Most programs won't work without modification of some sort, and some may never work. I'm pretty sure MS isn't going to do anything to help Palm figure out their hotsync problem either. Why would they want to help a direct competitor to their WinMob OS.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.



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