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    Default Touchscreen won't calibrate

    My E2 touchscreen is calibrated such that I have to touch below the actual spot that I am aiming for. In particular, the drop-down menu button will only work if the screen is pressed below the button; otherwise it registers that I pushed the home button. I have tried recalibrating the touchscreen on the prefs screen; it goes through multiple iterations of the "target" process and then is as off as it was before. I have also tried soft and hard resets.

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    Default Re: Touchscreen won't calibrate

    My only suggestion would be to recalibrate the screen, once more, VERY accurately, and then try.

    If that doesn't do it, I'd return it. I'd go crazy if that was my device.
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    Default Re: Touchscreen won't calibrate

    Welcome to Brighthand, Mendeleev. There are other freeware calibration solutions you can use - try DigiE

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    Default Re: Touchscreen won't calibrate

    Welcome to Brighthand, Mendeleev. How have you got on?
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    Default Re: Touchscreen won't calibrate

    Hi and welcome to the board. I found this link regarding calibration in the Palm, Inc. Support Library:

    Solution ID: 24443
    Calibrating your touchscreen (digitizer)

    It suggests way to improve your digitizer as well as reasons why your device may not calibrate precisely.

    Also, don't forget to register your device:

    Good luck,

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    Default Re: Touchscreen won't calibrate

    I've had the same problem for quite a few years now... I have to tap hundreds of times to calibrate, that's why I fear hard resets more than anything else. I've learned to live with the slightly inaccurate digitizer and use the buttons for navigating whenever possible but I think they're getting worn out too. Time to get an E2...


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    Default Re: Touchscreen won't calibrate

    same problem here, though recently it has gotten so out of whack than i cannot get to the home screen. i started to tap the target recalibration icons, but it seemed i was doing it many, many times so i gave up, assuming that it was broke. do you think it is broken, or does it really take hundreds of target-taps sometimes to recalibrate the system? thanks.


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    Default Re: Touchscreen won't calibrate

    Check out my Palm blog for digitizer software fixes and ideas that may help.

    Welcome to Brighthand, Mendeleev and tuvia.
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    Default Re: Touchscreen won't calibrate

    I'm starting to have the same problem with my T|E2 and I've only had it for a few weeks. It's frustrating me - I've tried the apps to help fix the drift, hard resets, etc but it didn't work and I just checked my receipt. Circuit City only accepts PDAs after 14 days and I'm almost 3 weeks out so I guess my next step is to contact Palm.
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    Default Re: Touchscreen won't calibrate

    I retired my m100 because of this problem. Yes, there were fixes and cleaver ways to get the thing to calibrate but as other have indicated, you loose confidence in the device as a reliable business tool.

    When I got my E2 I was confident enough to investigate the problem with my m100 further.

    Removing, cleaning and ensuring the digitizer cable was seated in it's connector properly fixed it and now it's as reliable as the day I got it again.



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