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    Red face Flashing RESET palm screen

    So i've looked through quite a bit of threads, and tried everything but the "leave it alone for 7 days thing"

    Here's my problem: about a day ago, I couldn't get my Tungsten E to turn off (didnt know if it was a button thing or what) , but just let it go to it's automatic off. Then, later that day I couldn't get it to go on. So I did a soft reset, and now it will go to a white screen, then flash to the palm powered logo, then repeat those same two screens infinitely. It's been flashing for hours. I've tried the different resets, the power button, up botton, and in cradle ones.

    Any suggestions? you guys have great ideas! Thanks in advance for all your help!

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    WELCOME to the NEW Brighthand Forums.

    Please review PalmOne Knowledge Library article 26419 Fix a handheld that's looping, flashing, or frozen on the Palm Computing Platform logo.

    You need to do the hard reset thing correctly, press and hold the power button, poke the reset hole and wait for the Palm logo to appear, now release the power button. When asked to erase all data you have to say yes or it will not get fixed. Find your c:/program files/palm/[username]/backup directory and rename it OLD backup before you do the restore hotsync. Reinstall your 3rd party apps, one at a time and test. You can get any 3rd party datafiles from the OLD backup, but remember the thing that trashed your Palm lives in that folder.

    ( 8(|)

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    thanks for the advice. I tried that originally, but it won't stop flashing... it just keeps looping. I have this sinking suspicion that the power button itself is broken, and maybe that's why I can't get the HARD reset to work. What do you think?

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    A warm reset should allow you to get the TE out of the reset loop and allow you to perform a hard reset.

    Make sure that you do not release the up button (power for hard) until the blue Palm logo appears. Thats the most common mistake when doing the warm/hard resets.
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