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    Default switch from T3 to Treo

    I'm presently using a T3, primarily for document purposes when travelling but also for dictation purposes, using the Audacity product (which I recommend, incidentally; see www.audacity.com). I'm contemplating a switch from the T3 to the Treo. I'm a verizon user. And for you veterans, I have the following questions:
    1. I note that the Treo has a much smaller screen than the T3/T5. For those of you who use documents to go, have you found this to be a significant problem?
    2. As a related question, are add on portable/wireless keyboards available for the Treo as are available for the T3?
    3. I use my verizon phone in rural areas with weaker cell/digital coverage. Is there any difference in phone service with the Treo?
    4. I'm the original klutz; I've dropped my cell phone several times, once even causing the battery to skip across the parking lot. Phone still works. The last time I dropped my PDA, well, it was a hundred bucks and I needed a rebuilt T3. Is durability an issue?
    5. Are any of these issues addressed by the Treo 650 or whatever it will be called? Thanks!

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    1. I've found the 160 x 160 screen on the Treo useable but barely. The Treo 650 with its 320 x 320 screen should be more useable but I would try to write the great American novel on it. Even when I upgrade to a Treo 650, it will not replace my T3 but rather enhance it.

    2. I know there are hard wired Keyboards available for the Treo 600 but don't know if the wireless one works with it. The IR ones should now and the bluetooth ones should work with the Treo 650.

    3. I have no experience with Verizon.

    4. I dropped my Treo 600 from my belt ( I'm 6' tall) to the concrete floor of my garage. The only damage was a barely discernable ding on the lower corner of the case. I susequently bought an Inopocket Aluminum case for it with a neoprene lining. That should protect it better but I'm not testing it.

    5. The Treo 650 will bring us a Hi-Res screen, Bluetooth, and an SDIO slot plus EDGE capability on GSM/GPRS networks.

    Hope this helps.


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    I have many keyboards dating back to my Sony Clie, and T3.

    However, I bought the keyboard specifically for the Treo 600, and it has a feature that the others do not (but should have) have, that is you can plug it in and it charges when using the portable keyboard. (Why would they design a keyboard anyway that only operated off the PDA battery?)



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