Zire 72s - Will it work with Palm Desktop 6.2?

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    I have a Windows 7 64-bit OS now. Does anyone know if Palm Desktop 6.2 is compatible with my Zire 72s? Or am I better off running Palm 4.1.4?

    Honestly, despite owning an iPhone (they aren't that smart), I have yet to encounter a SIMPLE address book GUI like the Palm units and the Palm Desktop software. I'm so ticked HP cancelled it.
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    short answer, it should; longer answer, it may take a bit of your time, but posts 2 and 4 in this thread may be helpful:
    the big thing is, you need special drivers, which Aceeca provides (post 2)

    best luck!

    EDIT: and, yes, totally agree that the PIMS that Palm offered were so much better than most of whats out there today, at least for Android (and I hear tell for iOS, too), even just the stock apps in Palm OS -- something like DateBk3/4/5 made the device even better.
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