Will the htc one work with my sennheizers?

Discussion in 'Other Device Manufacturers' started by schmintan, Apr 11, 2013.

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    I have a set of sennheizers with a mic that work with the iPhone, but the mic doesn't work with the htc desire.

    I'm considering getting the new htc one, but I need to know if I can use my own headphones with mic or if I'm stuck to what I pt comes with?
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    You will likely have to buy non iPhone specific earphones with mic, I've read a lot of people saying iphone mic head phones don't work on their android devices, sennheizer seems to make a point about iPhone specific products so there must be some sort of plug difference.
    I've read a few people saying Galaxy in ear phones with mic work fine on HTC models like the One X but never tried them even when I had both devices at the same time, there's a ton of specific android models you can buy but I guess that's what you're trying to avoid
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    There is an app called SoundAbout that you can install that "could" bypass it.

    Other than that there are adapters to buy to make it work for Android, but once you do invest in that, you should as well install Headset Button Controller to use the controls effectively and customize them!

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