Where to Find Garmin 3600 English Voice Files?

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    Hello, I have been through the same story with my Ique 3600 - missing voice files. i will be glad if you send e the package through rapidshare ot on the mail spassovm_AT_gmail_DOT_com. i a also interested in the other progras you said you installed- drawing , MP3 rtc. But first things first- you will ake e hapy if you send e the voice files.
    Regards! incho Spassov (Bulgaria).
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    Here is a link to the Add-on folder.

    And a short version if the above doesn't work.

    It contains all the English voice files for the iQue 3600. There are a bunch of other files available in that SkyDrive folder if you are interested.

    1. Make sure all these files are in the C:\Program Files\Palm\Add-on folder on your PC.

    2. Connect your iQue 3600 to your PC.

    3. In the Palm Desktop click on the "Install" icon on the left side.

    4. In the Install Tool window that pops up, click the "Add" button.

    5. This will pop up a file window showing all the files in the Add-on folder. Select all the *.vpm.pdb files. Click "Open" to add them to the Install Tool window.

    6. Click "Done" in the Install Tool window.

    7. Sync the iQue 3600.

    The voice files and any other files you selected should be installed onto the iQue 3600.

    Please let me know if the links above don't work and I'll set something up on Google Drive.

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