Whatever happened to the Chromebook?

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    I've got it on my work issued (and physically busted) Lenovo N22. It's pretty crappy as of right now. Android apps may launch, but many of them do not function as you would expect. I use Fing for work all the time. It launches, but is utterly useless on a Chromebook. I use Wifi Analyzer too. Last I recollect, that too was pretty worthless. Apps that require location services (Radar Now), will complain it isn't turned on. Even when it is turned on. Granted the N22 does not have GPS, but it has network awareness, but still..

    It's not what I was hoping for, and honestly, I don't give it any thought at the moment. I don't use my chromebook, and can say without a doubt that Android App usage is hit or miss, with most of it as miss.
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