Whatever happened to the Chromebook?

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    I think I am set on the Asus-the ruggedness, plus 4GB of RAM, seems like the best fit for what I want. I think this will mostly be a home computer, but I might occasionally need to bring it to work or at off-site meetings, and while I doubt my office is terribly dangerous, I am a bit clumsy and have a small child, so when in doubt opting for rugged over stylish is probably my best bet. :)

    Also, assuming my math is correct on taxes plus what my Amazon trade ins fetch, I should have enough Amazon credits to cover the whole purchase, which will make Mrs QF quite happy. :)
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    Asus announces new Chromebook Flip 2. Compared to its predecessor, its much bigger, more powerful, more premium and more expensive. This exemplifies the latest trend in Chromebooks --- flip to tablet, touchscreens, intended for Android app support.



    Acer announces the new N7, which is low end tech, but heavy rugged construction for the educational environment. Acer doesn't have much to announce in view of Chromebooks in CES, they already launched the excellent R13 for the holidays.


    In their first big presentation since the Note 7 disaster, Samsung announces the Chromebook Plus and the Chromebook Pro. Again, like the Flip, Flip 2, Yoga, the R11 and R13, this belongs to the next generation of Chromebooks with touchscreens and flip factors. The difference is that Samsung has a stylus with them. The difference between the Plus and the Pro is one comes with an ARM processor (probably their Exynos brand) and the other an Intel processor.


    We can expect a slew of next generation Chromebooks for 2017.
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