What should I replace my LD with

Discussion in 'LifeDrive' started by q6o0, Nov 7, 2007.

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  1. q6o0

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    Well, my LD is on its last legs. Couple of times the digitizer stopped working, but came back. A few buttons have also stopped working. USB sync is flaky at best.

    So, what's my best bet for replacing it? I love the Palm OS, but am open to trying windoze or other devices too.

    What I really need is a device for my email (therefore WiFi), PIM, lots of storage for music/photos and of course games ;) Plus a sync method.

    I would love if Palm came out with a new pda without a cellphone, but I'm not certain that is ever going to happen.

    So here is my short list to replace my LD, in no particular order.

    HP iPAQ 210 Enterprise Handheld
    Palm TX
    Apple iPod Touch

    What other ones should I consider?

  2. TimothyP

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    Not sure about this, but I dont think the iPod Touch is a pda. I could be wrong, but i think it handles PIM info, of course pics and videos (Not sure what formats) and has wifi for surfing the web. Not sure if you can install 3rd party apps, or even if there is a wide variety. But if i were you, and this is what i plan on doing as well, i would wait for the ipaq 211 (or 210). These devices will support sdhc cards, and i believe the maximum capacity could reach 32gbs. I hope thats enough for storing music and photos. Plus it will have Bluetooth and Wfi. And there are tons of WM apps available.

    I actually replaced my Lifedrive with a Pocket Loox N560. But there was never an official upgrade to WM6, so i purchased an Asus A696 to hold me over till the 211 comes out. iPaq 211 is the way to go, and if you dont want to wait for it, the 111 is on sale now. You can find info on both devices in the iPaq forums.
  3. SGosnell

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    Replacing the HD with a CF card is what I did. That's the cheapest way. You can sync via wifi, and that's the way I usually do it. If you're already used to the PalmOS, and have Palm apps already, the TX is probably the way to go. It doesn't have the storage capacity of the Lifedrive, but SD cards are cheap.
  4. Adama D. Brown

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    It's true that the iPod Touch's PIM capabilities are suspect, but it fulfills most of the other expectations of a handheld. Third party apps are a complex issue, but should open up a lot early next year when Apple releases an SDK.

    However, one thing the iPod Touch does NOT have is email. Since that's a requirement for you, the Touch is off the list.

    The iPaq has better specs than the TX--2x the screen resolution, maximum memory size of 32 GB versus 4 GB, much bigger battery, faster processor, etcetera. However, for most of your use, those things don't matter a lot, unless you're interested in video or higher-end games like 3D action or emulators.
  5. redbeard914

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    What about an HTC handheld? If you're considering the touch (different operating system) you should also consider a WM6 unit. And then you can drop the phone as well.

    I have considered this, but I have found that my Treo680 and the thumbable front keyboard is necessary. I did the CF upgrade to my lifedrive and it works great. I would love to see Palm comeout with a new lifedrive with a solidstate hardrive and much thinner, like the touch. Imagine a touch with all of the Palm capabilities.

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