Vista vs. X/P

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by New Cell, Apr 8, 2007.

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  1. New Cell

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    Finally back home for 2 days and my daughter wants a new lap-top. I have been a X/P member w/ all up grades and enjoy the seemingly calm system it provides...
    Nevertheless! will a B/H member please offer the information that will help me decide in favor of Vista as opposed to the current seemingly secured X/P...

    Thanks, n/c
  2. raspabalsa

    raspabalsa Brain stuck BogoMipping

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    Personally, I would wait at least a year before upgrading to Vista. The boss and his assistant purchased HP Pavilions with "Vista Home Basic" whatever that means, and those laptops have been nothing but trouble. Networking is iffy, compatibility is lousy, boot time is much, much longer than XP, hybernation conflicted with every open app (resulting in a major lockdown), and the new security features turn them into nagging, annoying devices that won't let you run a program without confirmation that it was really you who launched them.

    Hopefully M$ will release a SP to address compatibility issues. Until then I will steer away from Vista.

    But of course all this is just my personal opinion :)
  3. Dick Tracy

    Dick Tracy Detective/Moderator

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    Not to mention that syncing will not be a pleasant experience as Palm has not yet released updates.

    We are in a repeat phase of when XP was released; wait 6-12 months for updates, drivers, etc. and be prepared to ditch some of your peripherals.
  4. DragonHunter

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    We got Vista on our new desktop. (I was like you would have preferred XP, but when the wife wants to buy....)

    It's okay...the security nag boxes are just that. They provide no security, just liability release for MS.

    The folder exploring/viewing is different (it's an annoyance at first at least, still not sure it's any better) the default e-mail client is a joke, youcan't import any meaningful settings without having Outlook 2007 installed, any Office versions before 2003 do not work, those before 2007 are spotty.

    If it was going to be MY computer (sorry honey) I'd go through the necessary hoops to get an XP machine still.
  5. BAB2000

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    The six month to a year rule to adopt a new M$ OS is pratical and has been observed best advise since Windows 3.1 was introduced:D

    IMHO, the release date of the system and inclusion on manufacturers, PCs from the factiory is just another BETA phase of M$ development scheme.

    Either wait to purchase new laptop, with SP (?) Vista, buy know and deal with update procedures, weekly (more or less), or stay with new unit with XP and catch on next OS release to new platforms.

    Also, I am a guy who is yet waiting for HD TV to catch on:rolleyes: and prices to decline on the newer technology.

    Today, newest is not best...
  6. NamelessPlayer

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    I'd definitely wait on Vista, or at least dual-boot it with XP.

    Especially since the drivers haven't been ironed out yet, and therefore games tend to run worse under Vista than XP. (And DX10 is the only reason why I even want Vista...those benches of Crysis in DX10 mode under Vista had better not pale to DX9 mode under XP!)

    Worse off, they probably want me to dump obscene amounts of money to upgrade from Outlook 2002(bundled with my X50v)to Outlook 2007, just to sync this thing with Vista. Well over 100 US$ for an e-mail client that's full of security holes and just happens to be the only thing a Windows Mobile device can sync to? Shame on you, M$.
  7. AZ-TE

    AZ-TE Audiophile

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    Vista has many flavors:
    1. Vista Home Basic
    2. Vista Home Premium
    3. Vista Business
    4. Vista Ultimate
    5. Vista Enterprise

    Vista Home Basic is a stripped down *no frills* version of Vista for "slightly" older machines. It has most of the security improvements, some GUI enhancements, but none of the graphic intensive "super spiffy" GUI enhancements. All in all it is XP SP3.

    Vista Home Premium as the name state is designed for the home user with most of the bells and whistles that eat up system resources. and has media center abilities.

    Vista Business is designed for small businesses. It has the enhanced GUI and its security feature are more geared for the business world. Think of it as XP Pro SP3.

    Vista Ultimate has bells and whistles out the wazzoo and you'd need one heck of a machine to utilize it.

    Vista Enterprise is geared for large companies.

    Like everyone else above has stated, if you want Vista wait a year for the bugs to be ironed out and compatibility to be there. On a new PC or laptop, I believe 100% that you'll get better performance out of XP than Vista, especially on a less expensive machine. XP will be less taxing on the system's resources.

    To give you an idea, my home PC, though older is no slouch:
    • AMD Athlon XP 3000
    • Two Corsair 512 MB sticks of RAM
    • WD 200 GB HDD
    • ATI X1650 Radeon 512 MB (8x AGP)
    • Sound Blaster Audigy Live Drive
    • NEC Dual Layer DVD RW

    Because of my processor, I could only run Vista Basic according to the various tests I have run. However, the machine screams and is 100% stable under XP.

    My $0.02
  8. tanbam

    tanbam Mobile Deity

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    I've not been very impressed with Vista at all, at least after the initial Wow That's Pretty phase.

    I installed it on my notebook and on my desktop at home. I've been using it for a few months on my notebook, but I just put it on the desktop about a month ago. Right now, I'm in the process of backing up all of my important stuff so that I can wipe the HD on the desktop and go back to XP. Hopefully I can get it all taken care of this weekend.

    Vista looks nice, for sure, but there are some things that can only be described as broken. On both of the machines that I have it on, it can take forever to delete files; I have now idea why. The other day I was deleting a bunch of pictures that we had on a duplicate folder. I selected about 400MB of jpegs, then hit the delete button. That darned irritating "Calculating Time Remaining" window came up, and from my experience so far, I knew it was going to take a while so I left and watched a show on the TV. 40 minutes later when the show was over - thanks TIVO - I looked at the computer screen. It was still calculating how long it would take to recycle the files, and hadn't recycled any of them yet. I just left it going, and the next morning I was able to click on the confirm deletion button and get rid of them. I can't see any excuse for this, but it happens all of the time.

    After running for a couple of days - this includes time spent in stand-by - both of the computers begin to get very sluggish. The HD will just crunch away, busy at work at some utterly unknown task. When this happens, it can take a minute or so to switch between windows. If you look at the task manager, it doesn't look like the CPU is working very hard, and there looks like there is plenty of free RAM, but I guess Vista just wants to do something else for a while. Rebooting doesn't seem to help; you just have to leave the computer alone and wait for it to finish whatever the heck it is doing, which might take an hour or two.

    I've had problems with programs not running, giving me errors like, "A required component necessary for this program is no longer part of Windows". Some of my games won't run at all; I just get error screens that tell me that the program won't run. Trying running them in an XP Compatable mode doesn't work, either.

    I've plugged in USB devices that do not need third-party drivers, like portable hard drives, and they won't work because Windows can't find the Windows drivers.

    Add to that the extremely irritating permission boxes, and I've had enough hassle to just give up on it entirely. I wish I could get my money back, but that's not going to happen...

    Stay away from Vista if you can, at least until it gets fixed.
  9. Q-Eye

    Q-Eye Once lost, now found...

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    I misread the word "flavors" as "flaws". Still seems to make sense! :D
  10. headcronie

    headcronie Greyscale. Nuff Said. Super Moderator

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    Discussions I've had in my college courses on systems administration mirror the comments here.

    The security feature is merely an nuisance, and will ultimately be shut off by most users. Nobody wants to sit there and confirm every single move they make.

    The sheer amount of hardware that you need to upgrade to use Vista is also too demanding. Many users are duped into thinking their Vista capable machines will get the full effect. They're getting the Vista name, but XP functionality as the graphics aren't up to snuff, and they don't have enough memory.

    Just trying to determine if software and / or hardware is compatible with Vista is currently not worth the headache. More often than not, the software won't work quite right, or at all - at least for the next year. The same goes for hardware. Many devices don't currently work that worked under XP. Some of these devices will never work under Vista.

    It's just not worth it now. It may never be worth it either, but that remains to be seen.
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