Visor Deluxe and Palmone Universal Wireless Keyboard

Discussion in 'Handspring' started by iacolucci, Oct 25, 2007.

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    Please help me! Anyone knows how to run the Palmone Universal Wireless Keyboard with the Handspring Visor Deluxe? Is there a driver suitable for those two devices? I actually use this keyboard with The Palmone Lifedrive and I would use it also with my old Visor.
    I red on the web that I could try some drivers from Stowaway but I tried without success.

    Please help me. :confused:
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    Which version of the Palm Wireless (IR) Keyboard are you trying to use?

    Palm as I recall have three versions of the IR type keyboard in the market.

    The original is model number P109464, designed for the handhelds that were outfitted with Palm OS versions 4.1 and older, but do not recall if older OS version than 3.3?

    The newer version, sku 3169ww and 3169wwz are the same unit, "ww" was packaged by palmOne and with earleir driver set on the CD for OS 5 units. And then the newest version wwz, packaged by Palm, and includes the newer driver set.

    The Visor Delux has a OS version of 3.1 as I recall, maybe 3.3? I also, read some later versions did include OS v3.5 or a from of the Palm version.

    The Visor line could not be upgraded to newer OS versions, and because of this, some accessories released for newer odels can not be applied.

    I suspect the kybd you have for the LD is 3169ww, and am not aware of a driver compatible for the Visor Delux and the keyboard.

    I am sorry, but I am not aware of a solution.

    I have a IIIxe that I have outfitted with a Palm Portable Keyboard (hard connection), and its works just find. I recall a like keybaord was available for the Handspring models, maybe it would be possible to locate a unit on-line.
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