VIPERONE: Flight Combat Simulator Released!

Discussion in 'Games (Palm OS)' started by mbennouf, Jan 13, 2011.

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    Hello to all,

    Ok, it is finally done! ViperOne Flight Combat Simulator is the most advanced F-16 combat flight simulator game available on a Palm/Treo device. Two years in the making, ViperOne has been mostly a labor of love and an extreme test of patience for my amazing beta testers! You guys rocks!!

    ViperOne Flight Combat Simulator

    ViperOne Description:

    ViperOne is a realistic simulation of an F-16 jet and its weapon systems. As a new 2nd Lieutenant fighter pilot, you will learn to fly the jet including take-off and landing. You will then have to familiarize yourself with the F-16 weapon systems by doing bomb runs. Finally the big day! Real combat mission with multiple targets protected by SAM's missile batteries. You may also have to cope with system malfunctions while busy flying the F-16! Your jet is equipped with a realistic flight computer, Heads Up Display (HUD), radar and even a Threat Warning System (TWS) display!

    Your goal? Get promoted to the rank of four stars General...NOT easy!

    ViperOne features:

    - NASA based F-16 flight model (6 degree of freedom flight model)

    - Realistic flight computer to help you fly the F-16

    - G-forces (black and red out effects)

    - Wind gusts

    - Sound effects and voice messages during the flight like "Pull up" and "clear for landing"

    - Multiple sub-system failure modes (engine failure, fuel leak...)

    - Full Air Force career management (2nd Lieutenant to 4 stars General)

    - Realistic weapon system simulation (CCRP)

    - Three game levels - 6 missions to choose from (training/combat)

    - Flight manual (pdf)

    ViperOne videos tutorials:

    Here a link to some videos tutorials I made a while. Even so there were made with an earlier version of ViperOne (different UI) the concept is still the same. The videos covers landings and Air to Ground strikes. They should help smooth out a little the steep learning curve of ViperOne!

    You can try it for 7 days (full version) here:

    ViperOne Flight Combat Simulator



    ps: The following link has a lot extra info about ViperOne that you may find useful:
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