VBA macro inside Outlook for Auto-Privatizing certain meetings/appointments

Discussion in 'Windows Phone' started by Ben Z, Jun 4, 2014.

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    I am not a programmer and therefore am looking for some help in creating a macro. In Outlook I have started utilizing the meetings function as way to keep track of and keep organized my hours for timesheet reporting. I have utilized a filter condition to automatically change the color and category of any meeting created that has the keywords in the subject "Project Time" to a unique color and a category named "Timesheet" for ease of filtering and visually locating meetings in this category for when I go to fill out my timesheets at the end of the pay period.

    Is there any way to write a VBA macro to do 2 things:

    Make all of these "Timesheet" category meetings (Or even utilize the same subject field key words "Project Time") private as I would prefer to not have people I share my calendar with see these. I work with a large team across multiple departments so it is imperative for scheduling meetings that we share our calendars to see each other's availability and therefore making all meetings private is not an option. I have found it very annoying to remember to remember to click private every time I create a "Timesheet" appointment.

    Make all of the "Timesheet" category meetings show as "Free" for the availability so as to not look like I am busy and also show myself as Free in the Messenger program called Lync that syncs with Outlook calendar and shows your current status. I have found it also annoying to remember to click show as "free" when creating the meeting.

    Having a macro that could do these things would be a blessing and save me from alot of frustration of forgetting to set these options for every single meeting created for my timesheet organization.

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