Using Palm TX. No Email and No access to the Web

Discussion in 'Applications/Utilities (Palm OS)' started by Bryce_in_TX, Jan 7, 2017.

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    Hadn't remembered that one, possibly because I stopped using internet anything on my TX. I found a download link that still works (below) and will add to my TX help page. I dowloaded the prc in case it disappears.

    Looks like it was optimized for the Treos, but I'm sure it works on the TX if you have good wifi.
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    Yup works perfectly well. I have a guest account on the wifi, the guest allowed me to use WEP security so I can get on the Net with the TX.
    If used on a Centro with a cellular network it works with AGPS so you can use it more like a normal maps application.

    Did you know Google also made a dedicated Palm app for Gmail? it doesn't work anymore. There's also a Facebook app but I never use FB; it worked on my Centro just a few years ago though.

    One of the best apps I got on my TX and Zire 31 is an SDHC driver. I can use modern high capacity SD cards to store all the data
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    I'll have to check. After thinking about it, I seem to recall I might have tried that app.

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