TX Tricks & Solutions for Common Issues (Multi-Sticky)

Discussion in 'Palm' started by BAB2000, Mar 20, 2008.

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    The following list of threads are contributions from several members for problems that resolve issues making life with your TX simpler.

    Please feel free to contribute to the selected thread for further assistances or ideas.
    If you see a topic that is worthy of being added to the listing here, let any Forum Moderator know, and we'll look into it.


    Inside a TX (Hi-Res pics of TX's internals) a contribution from raspabalsa

    Blazer Tips and Tricks, contributed by wozofoz and his TX...

    List of Cell Phones that work with the TX, started by WyreNut.

    Best Free TX Apps, started by GDragon.

    Fixing the power switch and 5-way: the solution, contributed by pruss

    Alternative home button for T|X, started by Mobile Stream

    How to choose and setup wireless router for TX. Contributed by dwayne123

    I Lost the keyboard Function on my TX!! / T3 specific files on a TX, started by LawGuy

    If You Use TX & Public "Free" Wi-Fi Networks, READ THIS!, shared by wozofoz and Green Loontern
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