TX and Bluetooth dongle frustration

Discussion in 'Sync (Windows/Palm OS)' started by HamRHead, Feb 2, 2013.

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    I have been syncing (Bluetooth) with Windows 7 for over a year. It sort of works. I often get a message on my TX, "Unable to initiate HotSync operation because the port is in use by another application." I then have to unplug the dongle and re-insert it. Sometimes I can only get a connection by deleting the device from my computer and re-installing it. I go through the same thing with my Treo 700p but I do not HotSync it very often. I also have a Lenovo laptop with built-in Bluetooth and I never have issues; it always connects. My desktop computer is another story. I have tried at least four different dongles, all with the same result.
    The people at the store that built my computer are not really Palm literate but they think the issue may be with my Microsoft Comfort Keyboard 5000 and Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000. Microsoft uses proprietary Bluetooth that may interfere with the dongle for my TX. I did try unplugging both Microsoft dongles and it did not help. Would a different dongle help? Would a Bluetooth card be better than a dongle? Anybody else had issues?

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