Tungsten T will not do a fast discharge

Discussion in 'Palm' started by happydog, Apr 7, 2004.

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    I have an unusual problem with my Tungsten T. About a week ago it began to require multiple presses on the power button to start,and it often wold not shut down with a single press on the power button.
    I tried a soft reset with no change, and when I tried to do a hard reset all it would do is a soft reset--no matter what reset I tried it just did a soft reset. Finally the only way I could turn it on was to do a soft reset and then let it time out to shut down. Otherwise it behaved fairly normally, requiring an occasional soft reset.
    Now here is the kicker. When I did a cursive l,dot,three it ran the battery down to the warning voltage level and stopped the fast discharge. Now when try any reset it just keeps telling me to recharge the battery and has been repeating this for the pass four days. I have no idea how long this battery is going to take before exhausts itself---talk about short battery life!
    Short of opening the case and disconnecting the battery does anyone have any suggestions?
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