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Discussion in 'Tungsten E series' started by Zotl, Oct 9, 2005.

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    I've got a windows mobile smartphone with bluetooth. I recently lost my trusty Palm IIIxe in a collision, and got the Tungsten E2 as my replacement. Unfortunately, it appears that getting this to use my bluetooth phone isn't inuitive, since its not on the supported list. Given the recent announcements about Treo Windows Mobile models I suspect we'll see Windows Mobile drivers so I can surf on my Tungsten using my phone, but has anyone gotten this to work in the meantime using custom settings, and if so, could you let me know what you've done to get this to work? At this point I have the phone I use(SMT5600, also known as Orange SPV in the UK) recognized by the palm, I set up a custom network service and put in the dialing flags you need to, for example, connect a laptop to the phone as a bluetooth modem. When I hit connect, my tungsten goes through the motions, and the smartphoen shows the data transfer icons for about a minute, then the tungsten says "cancelling connection" and stops, with no prompts for passwords, etc. I figure I'm close but can't get this to work. I like the SDIO 802.11B card for home use, but I hate the fact that it juts out of the case(and wont fit in the aluminum tungsten case I bought)and since I'm carrying a phone anyway for work, it would be great if when on the bus, etc I can use my tungsten for web access by having it use my phone as a bluetooth modem. Thanks in advance.
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