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    I currently have a Tmobile loyalty plan that gives me unlimited minutes for $50/mo, and Unlimited Blackberry Data for $18/m = $68/m +tax. I pay per text for the 2-4 texts I receive each month. My statement says I use about 20-40 mb of data per month.

    I'm trying to understand the pros and cons of switching to the Small Business unlimited talk, text, data (throttled after 5 gb) for $50/m.

    - Save $18/m + whatever I pay for text since text will not be included

    - Lose my unlimited data plan

    I understand that doing the same thing in Android uses tons more data than on Blackberry, but will it be anywhere near 5gb?

    Is the extra $18/m really worth it to keep unlimited data?

    I know the Small Business Plan requires a 2 year contract. But when I switch from my personal plan to a Small Business Plan, will it be like being a brand new Tmobile customer, or will they recognize that I have been a customer since 2004? Does it even matter? (It seemed to matter to get the loyalty plan).

    Am I missing something here?
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    Not sure why Android would use "Tons more data than on a BlackBerry?" Data is data, and data consumption depends mostly on what you are using it for. If what you are doing on a Black Berry uses 20-40 Mb of data, if you do the same things on your Android phone, I'm not sure it would use much more. I mostly use wifi, but I have a hard time using up more than about 10Gbs a month (My Android is on Gophone PAYG data).

    I'm not saying that you might not end up using more data on Android-- it is a much nicer browsing experience so you might actually do more browsing. And if you switch to email that is not compressed and more HTML based, you could have greater bandwidth for email. However, in a direct comparison of the same activity on both platforms, there isn't a compelling reason to suggest Android uses a lot more data.

    I certainly don't think you have to worry about using more than 5 Gb if you are only using 20-40 Mb now. ;)

    The other questions I can't help you much with. I'm not a T-Mobile customer.
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    Unless you plan on doing a ton of streaming video, I doubt you'll really have to worry about bumping up against the limits of a T-Mobile plan. Frankly, most operations on Android aren't really going to spend more data than on BB. Even the things which do, like over-the-air app updates, aren't going to come close to that much. Take my data use, for instance; right now I'm on track for 500 MB this month, despite plenty of OTA updates, constant web and news browsing, streaming audio, etcetera.
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    My data usage on Android has skyrocketed, but that's because I'm using more web-based apps than my previous smartphones had. If I stuck with my typical RSS feeds, emails, and "normal" web browsing, I don't think I'd be using more than what I did with WinMo or Palm. But I'm getting a lot more over-the-air info now, especially video streaming. Thankfully, I have unlimited data. :) Avoid Netflix and you should be okay. ;)
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