TicWatch Pro on Sale Even Lower than Black Friday/Cyber Monday Prices...

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    A rather well-featured WearOS smartwatch, TicWatch Pro, is currently on sale for $50 off. You can definitely get it for that price from their website (http://www.mobvoi.com), but it also continues to be offered (via coupon) on Amazon...but then it goes away...but then it comes back...etc.

    This watch has a unique power saving mode that only shows the time and date (via second layer LCD) and shutting down all smart features allowing the watch up to a 30-day battery life. You can also mix the two features to get better average battery life between charges. It has a heartbeat sensor, GPS, speaker, mic, etc. It's a pretty nicely featured watch.

    I need another smartwatch like I need...well...another smartwatch, but if anyone is in the market for one, this is probably the most features you're going to get for that price -- by far.
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