ThinkDB or Smartlists to Go solutions?

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    Hi all,
    I'm just posting an update - the holidays and contract work kept me busy so I only had time to fiddle wth this recently. I bought ThinkDB 2.5 from Amazon (thanks to @raspabalsa for the find) and it came with TWO registration codes for some reason. The first one I tried worked fine. After running into several problems and troubleshooting/reinstalling, I finally got everything working. Here are the steps, if anyone plans on doing this:
    • Backup your databases. I think on a Palm PDA you can copy the pdb files to another directory that neither the Palm Desktop or ThinkDB Desktop app will touch. For me, I backed them up to a Handspring mem module.
    • On the PC, uninstall everything that is ThinkDB or Smartlist To Go related. Then do manual search/deletes for everything the uninstall left behind. You don't have to change anything in the registry.
    • On the PDA, uninstall the ThinkDB and SmartlistToGo app. For extra measure, I also used a file manager-like app to delete any app or data files.
    • Install the new copy of ThinkDB on the PC, have it install the new app, enter registration number, etc. Sync to install the app.
    • Restore your databases whichever way you need to go - from PC to PDA, or PDA to PC.
    • Review your databases.
      • There is a problem when going from version 2 to 2.5 with blank date fields. Some of them, but not all of them, get filled with "11/30/1999." You need to manually reset them - it doesn't matter if you do this on the desktop or the handheld
      • Sometimes there is a problem with linked Contacts. After syncing, the name is blank or has strange characters in the desktop view. To fix it, open the record on the PDA, touch problem field and just Okay out of it, without making any changes. Save the DB and sync.
    That's all the problems I found so far. I will update this if I find anything else. If anyone wants a copy of ThinkDB, I'd be glad to share. I'm sure the registration codes will work multiple times since there's no site to actually register anymore. :) Just PM me. Or if there is a community repository somewhere, let me know and I can put it there.
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