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Discussion in 'General Palm OS' started by Hook, Aug 5, 2012.

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    If this was posted already somewhere, sorry, I missed it. Sadly, at this point, this is never surprising. Continuing to monitor the Palm world is like living in a nursing home and seeing all your friends die off around you. :-( Yeah, I know-- that's life, Palm is gone (for all intents and purposes). I don't even use my TX anymore. Doesn't change how I feel about seeing things Palm slip away although I know they must.

    Palm Pre Outlook Sync Solution - Sync Notes, Tasks and More - PocketMirror Standard by Chapura

    For those of us who depended on Outlook before we ever had a Palm, Chapura was invaluable. I also appreciate the class with which they shut down. They will keep the web page available for 2 years, they will allow you to log-in and re-download products you bought and they have found and point to products currently being produced that could replace theirs. Finally, they will continue to provide, if slower, their excellent customer support.

    Now, that's class. :newpalm:

    Thanks for all you did for us Outlook folks, Chapura.
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    Yes, sad to see them go. :(

    Their products were invaluable to me when I moved *to* OL while still using Palmie - A truly first-rate product that made for an utterly smooth, seamless, and trouble-free migration, then provided a similar sync experience.

    Best of luck to those involved in those products with their future endeavors!
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    Sigh, even those of us who still use palm, are beginning to see the end of the line.

    I still use my Tx, for my calendar, alarm, and its bible, and haven't been able to find a cheap replacement centro so I can quit carrying the surprisingly lighter and lighter, treo 650, . I just cant afford a data plan, so upgrading my Ipod touch into a phone isn't likely to happen anytime soon, I do love my Ipad, but I remember buying my old M100 because I could sketch on it with notepad, so its not that far of a stretch. As It stands I am probably going to carry my tx till it dies. I cant talk myself into using the calendar for IOs. I am not sure if its my trying to hold on to an old friend or what. I do know that I am a believer in multiple devices, I still use one to compare or supplement the other. (though admittedly the 4 I now carry if you include my ipad is a bit overkill. ) With blazer being archaic I almost entirely use safari on either my ipad or ipod touch

    I do wish some of the more useful Palm apps Like powerSDHC would go free, or reasonable. Considering I can buy palm hardware for 20-30 bucks. it seems a bit excessive. Not to mention the apps that are either difficult to locate or the sites have gone defunct. I to have a collection on some old hard drive or cd. It is a bit amusing that a company that ended up screwing its user base and abandoning them, in many ways got what it deserved, but yet some of us still use their products daily. I remember when I would have bought stock in the company, right around the time the tapwave came out. Oh well. On to future endeavors. And with things like kickstarter, who knows maybe someone can get hardware off the ground that way or something.
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    Chris, I agree with you about lowering prices on Palm apps. Send PowerUps an email. I have and will do so again. I think he'd sell a lot more to legacy users if it were $5-10 than $20. That's more than most SD cards.

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