The World’s Most Powerful Supercomputer Is an Absolute Beast

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    As MIT Technology Review explains, Summit is the first supercomputer specifically designed to handle AI-specific applications, such as machine learning and neural networks. Its thousands of AI-optimized chips, produced by Nvidia and IBM, allow the machine to crunch through hideous amounts of data in search of patterns imperceptible to humans. As noted in an release, “Summit will enable scientific discoveries that were previously impractical or impossible.”

    Summit and machines like it can be used for all sorts of processor-heavy applications, such as designing new aircraft, climate modeling, simulating nuclear explosions, creating new materials, and finding causes of disease. Indeed, its potential to help with drug discovery is huge; Summit, for example, could be used to hunt for relationships between millions of genes and cancer. It could also help with precision medicine, in which drugs and treatments are tailored to individual patients.…
    hello, SkyNet, is it really you?!

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    Me thinks it is indeed. Let's break it down:

    1. Design new aircraft - > Hunter killers seen in every Terminator movie.

    2. Climate modeling - > to predict Nuclear Holocaust weather patterns so the HKs can be designed to fly in it.

    3. Simulate nuclear explosions -> to maximize megadeaths while minimizing megatons. The world nuclear arsenal has decreased since T1 was released.

    4. Create new materials -> skin on Ahnuld and friends, and materials to bond it with metal endoskeleton

    5. Finding causes of disease - > Ahnuld did say in T2 they had knowledge in human biology, so probably that's just retconning to conform with canon.

    I think this time we're toast for real :(
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    I wonder how well it will play Solitaire? That's why I need the best i7 processor out there right now anyway... this seems like a logical upgrade to me. :)

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