The Return of the Personal Digital Assistant

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    I got to say, the Galaxy Note 2 is pretty much that to me now. I hardly use the stylus much, but the keyboard and the autocorrection is just phenomenal I can do long blogs without tiring. The other thing is Google Now, the way it constantly provides ambient and environmental information to me. The device has become more like a smartphone, it is more or less a genuine hand held computer that does a variety of tasks that I would do in a notebook or a tablet. I got to say the usage of my Nexus 7 even suffered due to it. Calls and texts are the least things I do with it.

    I need to add that a 5" smartphone still isn't a phablet. Even something as "big" as a Droid DNA. There seems to be a sensual divide between a 5" smartphone and a 5.5" phablet that words can't describe until you start using both. The DNA doesn't feel like anything bigger than the Galaxy S3 or the EVO 3D.
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    You said it. I've held on to and have used my Palm Tungsten T3 continuously for 10 years. In the last couple of years, I would get aggressive inquiries from younger store clerks whenever I pulled my Palm out to do anything -- like my shopping list, my contacts, critical info, expenses records etc. They would realize that they were quite curious about a ten year old technology.

    Now I get the same inquiries but more in wonderment as they ask to look at my Samsung Note II. No longer do I have to carry around two digital items.

    (Well maybe I will -- I just bought the Samsung Note 10.1 -- haven't started using it but I suspect it will start going with me to a lot of places.)

    TG for the Note II -- now I can take advantage of all the new technology and the clever apps with all the advantages of a Palm Tungsten T3 and so much more.
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