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Discussion in 'Games (Palm OS)' started by JamesGalyon, Oct 9, 2009.

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    Have you ever remembered bits and pieces of something, and just could not get a grasp on the idea as a whole to remember it? This is my case. This will probably be an easy answer for someone, but this old brain of mine is drawing a blank. I have a Palm IIIc that I just put a new battery in and want to reload the game I used to have fun playing...but I do not remember the name of game. I will attempt to describe it and would appreciate someone with a better memory than mine to help me identify it. It had a square board with an equal number of squares going vertical and horizontal, maybe 12 to 15 each way if I remember right. It started with many of the squares having a colored ball in it. It started off with the balls being in 3 different colors, and you had to roll them around to make groups in a row and then they would be eliminated...but a few more would appear. In later stages of the game there were 4 or 5 different colored to the balls and it seemed like an occasional "special" ball that served some purpose, which I also cannot remember. You had to use a bit of strategy to keep from getting trapped and not being able to move. This game was pretty popular when the Palm IIIc was popular, but that was a while back. If I heard the name of the game, I know I would remember it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks and God bless. James
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