The evolution of the PDA (1976-1995)

Discussion in 'Windows Phone' started by Hendrixus, May 23, 2005.

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    I just found this story about the evolution of the PDA, FROM 1976 until 1995, HERE


    "Sidebar: Partial list of handheld computer concepts in science fiction
    1956, Isaac Asimov, The last question, etc.; "Pocket Terminal" and "Pocketsec"
    1959, Howard Fast, The Martian Shop; "Adding Machine"
    1966, Fritz Leiber, The Creature from the Cleveland Depths; "Ticklers"
    1969, Frederik Pohl, The Age of the Pussyfoot; "Joymaker"
    1970, Tor ?ge Bringsvaerd (trans., Steven Murray), Codemus; "Little Brother"
    1971, Gahan Wilson, The Gahan Wilson Horror Movie; "Pocket Computer"
    1971, Niven / Pournelle, A Spaceship for the King (serial in Analog); "Pocket Computers"
    1974, Niven / Pournelle, The Mote in God's Eye; "Pocket Computers"
    1974, David McDaniel, Prognosis: Terminal (unnamed devices...)
    1974, Arthur W. Hoppe, Put Your Brains in Your Pocket (unnamed "brains")
    1975, Arthur C. Clarke, Imperial Earth; (Minisec)
    List courtesy of Mari Stoddard, June 2001 "

    Who's gonna write about the PDA from 1995-2005? I mean in between a lot happend.

    From the above story I had the ATARI Portfolio and did some writing, testing and so on for the Dutch Portfolio usergroup.

    I actually bought the Portfolio in 1996. I also had the Amstrad 600. It was a drag to make this thing learning your handwriting.
    I think I bought it before the portfolio somewhere in 1995
    After the Portfolio I stept over the a Psion Classic, 3c, and the MC216 via Nino's (300), handhelds (HP 200/Jornada's/Velo 1) and some Palms (I still own and use a Clie) , BE-300/Casio EM-500, AudioVox Maestro, and DELL X5 I ended up on the below DELL X50v

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