T|C Keyboard Tips and Tricks

Discussion in 'Palm' started by Shawn Parr, Aug 21, 2003.

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    PDAParts.com - T|C Take Apart

    If it turns out that you need to replace some hardware in your T|C, I would definitely drop the guy at the above site an email prior to paying big bucks for Palm to fix it. He may have some spare parts laying around and could advise you on where to get them for a DIY job.
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    I've been holding for an hour with Tech Support. I give up.
    I just received a full-size Portable Keyboard. Downloaded the keyboard.prc software. Hot-synced it to Tungsten-C. Have turned off beaming, stay on in cradle, and the handheld's keyboard. Then I open the icon for Portable Keyboard, touch 'enable keyboard" and get Fatal Alert: utli.c, Line:1023, No serial library.
    I've searched for that error message in the handbook and online at PalmOne. No luck.
    I'm really disappointed with Palm's follow-through.

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