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Discussion in 'Other Device Manufacturers' started by Hook, Jun 26, 2015.

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    Ran across this blog post (from two days ago, not years ago) talking about the Alphasmart 3000, an even older device than my Neo 2 (which also is no longer made), and he hits squarely on the head why these alphasmart devices are so perfect for draft writing. Basically, it kicks the editor out of the room and lets you get the words out. The blog is a fun read.

    I still use mine (working on the 4th and final Hard Case volume) and even bought a backup unit, which is insane because I suspect they last for decades. They are nearly indestructible. 700 hours of battery life on my Neo 2. A simple tool. Does 1 thing really well.

    They still sell like hotcakes (where did that cliche come from?) on eBay.

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