Still have and use my Palm Pre

Discussion in 'Palm' started by riosfernando, Jan 6, 2014.

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    Hello everyone,

    I do have two questions that I need response, if possible.

    I still have and use my Palm Pre that buyed in 2008 (I think). For me this is by far the best phone.

    After all this years my Palm is showing signs of aging, well it is about time. I bough a new one in eBay and I want to transfer all my contact, pictures, info, etc, to the new one.

    1) First question- Could any one send instruction in how I could do that?

    2) Second question- Does any one knows how the Palm could be use as a Hotspot, I know that the Application Catalog is inoperative, any knowledge in how to do it?

    Please, respond. in Sprint thinks that I am crazy for wanting to keep this dinosaur (Palm Pre). That what they called.

    Thank you
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