Sprint/SouthernLINC roaming deal in effect.

Discussion in 'Carrier Discussions' started by LandSurveyor, Apr 4, 2011.

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    In case anyone's interested, the Sprint(Nextel)/SouthernLINC Iden roaming deal must be in effect. Just saw a SouthernLINC commercial (rare in itself) and they were making a point to let customers know they can even get service in Los Angeles. This is bound to make life easier for Nextel or Boost customers in Alabama and Georgia. Until 2013, anyway. Sprint recently inked a deal with SouthernLINC for Iden roaming, voice & data, apparently, with only a short time left for Iden on Sprint's network. The supposition is that Sprint had to do that because they are trying to get data roaming on VZW's network.
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