So, Windows 11 is out. Thoughts? Screams? Joys? Wait, Windows 11 is a thing?

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    Thanks for this thread and the above contributions.

    I checked my update page under settings and apparently this laptop should handle W11. I bought it maybe 18 months ago refurbed. It's a Dell with an i5 8th gen processor. It was super cheap, since I'd had some bad luck with supposedly better laptops, so I figured I'd rather buy a new laptop more frequently than spend twice as much or more only to be forced to replace it. I don't do enough heavy-duty stuff to warrant big processing power etc.

    Related to the Chromebook thread, I think I spent around $250 for this with a 1TB hard drive, 8 GB RAM, the above processor, a big screen (matte, which I prefer), etc. It's much better than the Lenovo I had before this, which barely lasted more than a year before I started having issues that were either related to Windows or the hardware.

    Just in the last week or so, this one is getting a big balkier, which is usually the start down the slippery slope. There was a very comprehensive update Tuesday night that took about 2 hours (I went to watch a movie in another room while it was doing it, and it was just finishing up when I got back). It seems to be working a bit better now.
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