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Discussion in 'Smartphones' started by zap2, Sep 22, 2010.

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    So my brother is going to study in Egypt next spring, and he wants to have an idea of what cell phone company to use when he is there. Also I'm recommending the prepaid route, as he really can't be signing mutli-year contract.

    I've been going some googling and it seems there are three big cell phone service providers in the country. Vodaphone is one of them, which is nice because I know they're well established world wide. Etisalat Egypt is another one, which is run by a large company from the UAE. And the last is Mobinil, owned by Orange.

    But I'm wondering if anyone could give me some feedback or suggestion of which to use.

    (Also currently he is on AT&T with an iPhone which is locked. I'm going to look into a nice Android or Symbian device(likely the prior due to his enjoyment of a quality web browser, although Symbian might be good because it could have megabyte if he has a data limit) for him to use while he is over there, although it possible by that time WM7 or S^3 will have a solid device as well.

    Any help would be great. Thanks so much.
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    Back in 2006, my eldest sister made a tourist trip to Egypt. Just a couple of weeks, so it really wasn't that much time to get the grip on the place. Yet, enough time so she could feel quite at home. Meaning, in many ways and aspects, Egypt is like Mexico. i.e. in El Cairo, EVERYTHING is placed on the sidewalks and you find the place full of flea markets. As of wireless communications, she could easily send SMS from her Mexican-carrier cellphone. Costly, yes, but the place has to have enough a framework to do that. Back then, she told me that the place was under a dictatorship, so the locals told her that many innovations had been put to a halt. Yet, yes there's Internet, especially available in cybercafes and hotels and the like, and I reckon that if there's Internet there, most certainly it's available in universities and big corporations and so on. BTW, why is your brother going to Egypt?

    From the distance, I'd say that Vodaphone or Orange smell like good choices. Vodaphone is British-based, and I reckon there are good chances it's got a good infrastructure in Egypt (you know, Egypt had a protracted lapse of British intervention). Orange is a French corporation with a good grip in that region of the world.

    You two get informed as much as the Net allows, but in the end it'll be a thing of setting foot on the field. Egypt is very influenced (and supplied) by the European technological trendset, so it's very likely that your brother finds GSM networks working in the place. Therefore, I suggest that your brother gets a GSM unlocked device. Or, provided he's brave enough, get his iPhone unlocked. By no reason whatsoever, shall your brother expect any mercy from his carrier if he dares to go online with his domestic plan anywhere past the Rio Grande, or past the coast of Jamaica for the case, let alone in the African continent. It's better to assemble a PAYG survival kit, with a local GSM SIM and prepaid plan, perhaps restraining OTA connection to where WiFi APs are available, and determine if any local carrier offers the modern trend of airtime blocks for OTA connection, the latter anyway shall be considered a fallout resource. Or, if your brother is spending enough time in the country, maybe he should indeed consider a postpaid plan (I don't know how much time is he spending in Egypt). As far as I've been told, prices level is very similar to Mexico, even though the currency exchange is different: 1 USD = 5.7024 EGP. It'd be a thing of finding out in Egypt if there's a plan that would appeal his needs.
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