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Discussion in 'Palm' started by guywolffe, Aug 24, 2010.

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    Like everyone here; I am an old Palm user.
    Palm III through TX now. I use a BB phone, 8320.
    Wi-fi is the future of handhelds. My technolust is craving a Nexus.
    Question: I have a small teardrop/ Thermometer icon in lower right corner of the screen on one of my T3s and now on My TX since I started using the wireless keyboard.
    Also in the past I paired my T3 with a Moto L2 phone and a Moto V51 for a great browser. Now I have a BB8320 and would like to network to AT&T via the large screen of my TX. I use a a pay as you go plan like Hook referred to.
    Like everyone here; I have customized my palms heavily. If my Treo 650 had not died. Would still be using it.

    Still love my Palms since 1999.
    Thanks in advance.
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