SDIO WiFi cards for palmOne T5?

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    Hello all! I am new to this forum after digging out my old palmOne T5. I really love the device, but I would like to enable it to access WLAN networks on its own. I read online that Palm manufactured several different SDIO wifi solutions that pop into the SD reader and offer Wireless technology, but the only ones I could find online are extremely expensive. However, it seems that SDIO was fairly standard for the time, and there are dozens of different manufacturers that made them.

    My question is, does anybody have experience with these other brands?

    I'm looking at these:
    and for another brand:
    and lastly this one, which seems newer:
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    Welcome to Brightand, gts250gamer101!

    The problem with third-party WiFi cards is that they don't have the driver for PalmOS devices, so although the card is standard SDIO, the T5 won't be able to use it properly. Even back when Palm was still popular, only the Palm-branded card was guaranteed to work on supported devices such as the T5. Not even all PalmOS devices were supported.

    I guess the compatible cards are so expensive because they're pretty scarce. You may want to contact Chris Short at PalmDr. He sells and repairs Palm devices and accessories. He doesn't have the SD WiFi card listed in his inventory, but he may be able to give you some advise.

    If you must have a WiFi-enabled Palm device, Chris also sells refurbished and upgraded units. The Palm TX starts at USD 110 and this model has WiFi built-in. The TX was much more popular among users because of this. I still have two TXs, both fully functional.

    Good luck, and please let us know if you find a working solution.

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