Samsung Took the Best Part of BlackBerry and Made It a Case

Discussion in 'Headline News' started by Jamison Cush, Aug 15, 2015.

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    Seacrest's keyboard ran into intellectual property trouble because of the specific shape of the keys and the look of the keyboard, which really aped Blackberry, not merely because it turned a slate smartphone into a portrait-keyboard smartphone. Samsung's flat keys, while arguably not as ergonomic, won't run into the same IP problems.
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    So close...and yet so far.

    It wastes screen space by necessity (it relies on the capacitive digitizer surface to work), and it's not backlit, making it useless in dark environments.

    I want a physical keyboard like that pretty badly and have even been searching high and low for a slide keyboard case that'll fit my Note 4, to no avail. But not like this, and certainly not if it means having to downgrade to a Note 5 just to use it, especially considering how the keyboard functions in the first place with the capacitive passthrough.

    Maybe that rumored BlackBerry Venice will be the ticket. Just throw in a Wacom pen of the sort the Galaxy Notes use, a removable battery, and it would be practically perfect.

    As for the Graffiti mentions here, I would use that (less screen space needed and I can thumb through it blindly), but there doesn't appear to be any clipboard (cut/copy/paste) integration, and even worse off, I can't customize my strokes.

    Note that I considered TealScript absolutely ESSENTIAL for the ol' m100, as it allowed me to combine the best of Graffiti 1 (single strokes for everything rather than being forced to dot my Is and cross my Ts) and 2 (no need to shift for capital letters or certain punctuation marks).

    The moment someone remakes that for Android and have it integrate seamlessly into the OS, cut/copy/paste and everything, is the moment they can shut up and take my money...or, more likely, I'll just have to learn how to program it myself.

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