Replace my Z22 and Computer Desktop with what?

Discussion in 'Palm' started by Jerry_NJ, Aug 25, 2014.

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    I'm still sitting on the side-line with my Z22 on the shelf and its desk top on one of my notebook computers still active as my calendar and memo dump.

    I'd like to have something like a PDA for those two functions, but PDAs have died it seems.

    I don't see how a smart phone would be best to replace my Palm Z22, I'm not into texting. But, a tablet with WiFi for hot spots and my home network seems as a likely candidate for being my new PDA. I'd like to port the Z22 data, that may be impossible.

    I could of course use the Table for email and browsing when I have an available WiFi. I'd like to go small, but bigger than the Z22, perhaps a 7" screen and not expensive, less than $150, less than $100 even better.
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    Welcome to Brighthand. Many of us are former Palm users and we understand your dilemma. I want to encourage you in that you can have a pretty smooth transition to Android and find a good 7'' tablet in your price range.

    I recently purchased a Refurbished: Hisense Sero 7 PRO M470BSA 7.0" from Newegg for $89 with a $40 rebate. Someone here at BH alerted us of the sale and rebate and I jumped on it. I was impressed when BH ran a review on it awhile back and at that price I couldn't resist. You can still get them a little over $100 from Amazon. Make sure tto get the PRO - it is a much better unit. Hisense, which sells their tablets at Walmart, also has an impressive 8'' tablet that may be good to look into.

    Fortunately you can export ALL your memos into the app "NoteEverything" in Android. I used Pimlical software to put all my appointments from my Palm Desktop into their Desktop which then synced into Google calendar. Google calendar works great for me and there are many apps that will serve you almost as well as Palm's calendar app. After trying out MANY I now use CalenGoo and I'm very happy with it. CalenGoo also allows us to put our Tasks or "To Do" items in there and that too is synced with Google's Task - which I like because I can work on my calendar and task right from a computer or tablet using a browser - preferably Chrome.

    So there your Calendar, Memos, To Do's are taken care of. You can export ALL your contacts from your Palm Desktop to a csv file and import all of that online into Google's contacts. Once you do that, all your contacts will sync into your phone, tablet or even into your web browser as you log onto Google.

    Pimlical does have software to avoid Google and basically do everything you are doing with Palm on your Android phone or tablet. Hook here at BH has used it as well as a few others I believe.

    Many of us loved Palm. Still it is hard for anything that is out there to compare to how well Palm did PIM and worked it all together. Google and Android apps are getting better for Productivity - which I am glad for.

    Good luck in your transition. Many of us have been where you are and we understand and are willing to help make the transition as smooth as possible for you. Keep us posted. Good luck!

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    If you don't mind using Google, scjjtt's solution is a good one. You can use the trial period of Pimlical Desktop to import from Palm desktop and move all your appointments without paying. Actually, you can use the trial period of Companion Link for Google to move appointment, tasks and contacts all to Google in one fell swoop. If you feel the need to have a desktop with Google (rather than just use Google in a browser) you can just purchase either Pimlical Desktop or Companion Link for Google (CL-G will just continue to sync Google with Palm Desktop).

    If you would rather not use Google, both Pimlical and Companion Link offer very effective and reliable direct sync methods to Android, Pimlical using an HTTP sync (essentailly wireless) and CL offering USB, Wireless and BT. Google is Free. These other programs, beyond their trial periods, are not.

    I'm sort of nuts. I use both because I use Outlook for some things and Pimlical Desktop for others. I use Outlook for email and, therefore, I let it handle my contacts. I use Pimlical for everything else (but Contacts are duplicated) and I really love the Pimlical Android Client.

    The thing about Android is that there are a lot of options. It may take you a while to figure out what you want, it is not as simple and easy as Palm was. But the point is, dig around and you *can* get what you want... or, as the Rolling Stnes noted, at least what you need. :eek:ldwink:
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