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    Two days ago my G6 received an update via LG Bridge. This is the first and only update my G6 has received so far. LG is kind of weird about releasing updates: the phone's update tool reports there's no update available for my device, but LG Bridge (the PC syncing and updating app) reports that there is one, and applies it. Same thing used to happen with my V10. This is quite unlike what I've seen with my wife's Z Play or my Xperia Z1, boh of which could find and apply OTA updates all by themselves. Anyway, the update did not bring Oreo to the phone, and from what I read at XDA, reddit and mostly everywhere, there's a lot of people angry about this. Me, I'm patiently waiting. The update apparently fixes the KRACK WiFi vulnerability. There are a few other improvements and also some new issues with this update. On the improvements side, there's a new thing called "Break time", part of the game battery saver settings. Break time shows a notification only on the pull-down shade (no annoying pop-ups) that you can tap whenever you want to take a break from the game. Tapping this will lower brightness and -according to the notification- also lowers performance to save battery. Once this is enabled, you'll see a button labeled "Play" to resume playing whenever you want to. Honestly, I'm not sure why this is useful. When I want to play I do so, and when I want to stop playing I exit the app or turn off the screen. Ok, label this under "questionable improvements". Still, seems LG did some tweaking to battery usage, because I'm getting more on-screen time after the update. Not much, certainly less than an hour, but it's noticeable and welcome. App re-scaling is also improved. Previously, the app-rescale icon would be an orange circle appearing on one corner of the screen. Without tapping it, there would be no way to know this was the re-scale icon. The new icon is still a circle, but inside there's the drawing of a phone screen with a double-pointed arrow, which does convey the meaning of stretching the screen. Bluetooth management also has some changes. Now the phone will aggressively seek pairing with any nearby device. Whenever BT is on and the phone picks up another BT device, it will immediately show a notification asking to pair with that device. Again, this is only shown in the pull-down shade, not via a toast or pop-up notification, so it's not too annoying. Still, I'm not sure what's the benefit of having this.

    The final improvement can also be labeled as questionable. It seems the OS was trimmed down with this update. Let me explain. Right before the update my phone had 6GB free storage (of 24GB available out of the box). Before updating I carefully read the instructions on LG Bridge, and they clearly said that no user data would be affected, so I proceeded without taking any precaution. After installing, the phone rebooted, and everything seemed fine until a cryptic message appeared claiming my data was corrupted and the phone had to be fully erased. This offered no other choice but to proceed, which I did after the customary facepalm (or two). After the reset the phone was indeed erased, and then I reinstalled all apps. I had to do this manually, since the phone did not offer to restore from Google. So this was not like the usual starting over, when the phone will automatically download all data from the cloud. A few hours later I finally had my phone fully loaded. I checked storage, and found that now I had 8GB free storage. Either the OS was trimmed down, or my device's data was indeed corrupted and was somehow gobbling up storage by itself.

    On the issues side, something seems to have broken when switching from games to other apps. On a few games (Navy Field, Iron Tanks) whenever I switch to launcher or other app and then return to the game, the game will close by itself and return to the launcher. Re-launching the game will not work, a black screen will appear and I have to press the recent apps button to close the game and switch to another app or launcher. After all this, re-launching the game will work properly. Interestingly, this does not affect all games. For example, Minecraft and Rusted Warfare work properly no matter how many times I switch. If I had to guess, probably this has to do with the changes in the re-scaling feature, or maybe with the new "Break Time" feature. This doesn't affect other apps, so it's not a major concern. The second issue was annoying but easily solved: there's some new bloatware with this update. A suite of something called "Vivo" with 4 or 5 apps including a cloud service, and some carrier-specific stuff. Strangely, although my carrier is Claro, this stuff was for TIM, a carrier that does not work in Colombia, instead hailing from Brazil. Even more strange, the included"Vivo" apps are in portuguese. I'm guessing Claro Colombia decided to lift the update from Brazil and failed to give it a thorough check. Annoying, but all those apps were easily disabled.

    TL;DR: I've recently read about "the LG way" and how every LG phone user must get used to it or change brand. This is usually uttered in less than complimentary spirit. I think that there are indeed some oddities in how LG makes its stuff, but nothing that seriously affects my user experience or my admiration for this device. And I'm still patiently waiting for Oreo to arrive :)
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