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    Rampart Games Super Pack for PalmOS - save 30% from PDATopSoft.com



    The Rampart Games Super Pack features all six of our best-selling games at an unbeatable price. In the Rampart Games Super Pack you get:

    Rampart Chess - is powerful and easy-to-use with high resolution support for Palm OS 5.0 devices. A great way to learn the game or sharpen your Grandmaster

    Brain Freeze Trivia - Think you're pretty smart, then take on Brain Freeze Trivia for a REAL challenge. Brain Freeze features thousands of questions
    to keep you playing for hours.

    Who Said That? - "I know what you're thinking. Did he fire six shots or only five? Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement, I've kinda lost track myself." If you're pretty sure this isn't a quote from the movie "Beaches" then you just might be ready for Who Said That? the game of movie trivia. "Hasta la vista, baby!"

    Words Hound - a magazine-quality word search game featuring four interesting categories: Movies, Celebrities, Food and Drink and Places, and the ability
    to specify the number of words and the puzzle grid size. Robust puzzle generator featuring letter sharing, vertical, horizontal,
    diagonal and backwards words Plays great on all Clies, Zires, Treos, and Tungstens

    Dog Gone It! Poor Spike, he hates being in his doghouse, but that's
    just where he's going unless you solve the puzzle in this challenging, fast-paced
    version of Hangman. But beware, four wrong letter choices and Spike's gone,
    doggone it!

    Brilliance - this Concentration-style game will keep you playing for hours
    as you try to find and match picture pairs ranging from food to golf to jewels.
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