Question for Palm Datebook for Mac (and, perhaps, Treo and DateBk6) users

Discussion in 'Sync (Mac and Linux/Palm OS)' started by royofsf, Jun 9, 2007.

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    I just switched from a PC to a Mac, have installed the Palm Desktop for Mac and done my first sync from my Treo 680 (handheld overwrites Mac). I used Missing Sync for the conduits. As background, I have the following PIMs:

    Calendar 6378 entries (802K)
    Contacts 2306 (1289K)
    Memos 52 (184K)
    Tasks 252 (79K)

    The PD for Mac is totally different from the PD for PC that I have been using for years. There was a completely unexpected result from the sync. Because PD for Mac does not have notes attached to events, contacts and tasks, all Treo notes converted themselves into PD for Mac memos that were linked (attached) to events, contacts and tasks (repectively). So here was the result on my PD for Mac: I ended up with 8700 memos instead of the 52 I started with. The breakdown follows:

    1. About 176 memos titled "additional details for <contact name>" with the following text in the "body" section: "(Changes to this memo will not be synchronized to the handheld.) Main: 800 682 7808". The "Main: 800 682 7808" is an example from one particular contact.

    All of my phone/email/fax numbers in the seven number fields on my Treo 680 and old PD for PC were labeled in this order: work, home, fax, email, mobile, pager and main. All 176 of these memos were pager and main numbers. I have only done the first "handheld overwrites Mac" sync. I'm afraid to do the normal 2-way sync until someone explains what will happen.

    It appears to me that I will have to find new homes for my pager and main numbers. Further, as I look at the PD for Mac contact card format, I see that the phone section only allows for FOUR numbers. So what have you done to take this into account? If you didn't switch over to Mac from a PC as I just did and had not been used to the luxury of being able to have SEVEN numbers (ie, office, home, fax, two emails for a couple, two mobile numbers, etc....although I rarely actually had seven), you probably had no problem using their format. You had no choice. My guess is that in the few cases where you had more than four numbers, you made a second contact for the partner/spouse or you placed them in the "other information" area, which also has an email field and custom fields.

    Also, what will happen if I did a standard two-way sync (ie, sync the files) now without moving the 176 pager/main numbers? I assume that there is at least a chance that I would lose them on my Treo and I'm not going to keep running "handheld overwrites Mac" just to be safe. That is an unacceptable limitation.

    2. 6300+ memos titled "handheld note: calendar" with the body section comments comprised of the DateBk6 oddball codes (and occasionally some of my comments). Since there is no warning as in #1 above, I assume that a normal two-way sync would have normal results. In other words, if I changed a calendar note on the PD for Mac, that would be reflected on my Treo 680 correctly and all of CESD's codes would stay put on my Treo 680. Correct?

    3. 1200+ memos titled "handheld note: contacts" had my sometimes extensive Treo 680 contact notes. Again, since there was no warning, am I correct in assuming that when I do a normal sync, that any changes made in these memos on my PD for Mac will result in the same changes on Treo 680 contact notes?

    4. 252 memos titled "handheld note: tasks" with the body section text comprised of the DateBk6 codes and my notes. Am I correct in assuming that since there was no warning that stated "these won't sync with my handheld", that any changes made on my PD for Mac will be reflected appropriately on my Treo 680 task notes after I do a normal sync?

    5. 50+ memos which look to be identical to the memos on my Treo 680.

    Although my Treo only allows for 9 custom fields, the PD for Mac allows me to select 11 custom fields for contacts in the "other information" section:

    1. In addition to these 11, there is a field titled "comments". What in the world does this sync with on my Treo? It can't sync with my contacts' notes since I didn't see any text in there after I completed my "handheld overwrites Mac" sync and I wouldn't have had the 1200+ memos which I can see are my contacts' notes.

    If I put something in "comments" on the PD for Mac, where does it go? The PD for Mac User Guide states that "comments" transfers to the handheld as an "address note, comment section". What does that mean and if they really mean a"address note", why didn't my Treo address notes go to "comments" on the first hotsync?

    2. Next is an email field, the first of the 11 custom fields. What does this sync with? It can't possibly sync with the one of the nine Treo phone fields that I've named email since it would have no way of finding that conduit. And, in my case, all my emails came over from Treo into one of the four PD for Mac phone fields and labeled it "email". Plus I only have nine custom fields on my PD for PC and Treo, not 11 like the PD for Mac.

    3. The next PD for Mac custom field in the "other info" section of the contact card is "web page". Am I correct in assuming that this would sync with my Treo "web site" dedicated field?

    4. The PD for Mac User Guide states that "Custom fields 5 to 9" do not transfer to the handheld? What does that mean? All my nine custom fields entries and field names transferred nicely to the "other info" section. They can't mean that custom fields may disappear when I do a normal sync, can they?

    5. The User Guide also states that "attachments to entries, such as memos, Date Book events or To Do List items" sync to the Treo but the "relationships do not transfer to the handheld". It states that "The Address Book item and each attached item transfer to their corresponding applications on the handheld. The relationship between the items, however, does not transfer". I assume that they mean that once I do another sync to my Treo that I will only see the 52 Treo memos that were on my Treo before the first sync and that the PD for Mac simply uses memos instead of notes.

    That's it. And I thought the changeover would be seamless! BTW, are there any other nasty little surprises awaiting me? Before I do a normal sync and make a complete pig's breakfast of my PIMs, I await the collective wisdom of my tutors.

    PS-On the positive side, the PD for Mac is far more flexible than its PC cousin, allowing all types of linkage of PIMs and docs plus "decor" choices. And I can finally actually read the text that was pica pica pica when opening, for example, a contact's note.
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