pTunes 5.0 Music Search Extremely Slow!

Discussion in 'Multimedia (Palm OS)' started by ward.smith, Jul 25, 2009.

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    I just upgraded my Verizon Centro to pTunes 5.0. The music search function is beyond slow. If I play an album and then try and go back to the menu so I can play another album, it immediately goes into search mode and takes 20 minutes of searching to get me to the menu so I can work my way back to albums. I upgraded from 4.0.7 which never did this. I have been successfully and joyfully using pTunes for years. I am using a 16 GB card.

    I deleted 5.0 and reinstalled and the same thing happened. I deleted 5.0 and installed 4.07 and everything works fine. I reinstalled 5.0 and endless searching. I reinstalled 4.0.7 and everything is fine, once again. For now I am sticking with 4.0.7

    I performed a hard reset on my Centro and left it in factory, brand new condition. There were no installed apps on it. I only installed 5.0 on my Centro. It was the only installed app on my Centro. I went through the initial search and played some music. Then I tried to get a menu to play other music and I got a 20 minute search. This is obviously a real problem and not specific to just my Centro. It is probably specific to Verizon Centros though. Verizon goes out of its way to disable functions on phones to force users to use their services or just not to allow certain things to happen.

    UPDATE 1- I have been in communication with Normsoft and the are currently treating this as a bug.

    I am posting this over in the Centro forum since it is specific to Centros.
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