Problems synching messages. SSL certificate

Discussion in 'Email/Messaging (Palm OS)' started by Pilot_Dan, Dec 7, 2009.

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    Setup: Using Versamail 3.1 and Exchange ActiveSync service with mail2web exchange server. Device is Palm Tx synced to atomic clock nightly.

    Background: this configuration has worked fine for 18 months. Now it doesn't.

    What happens: when I try to synch, I get an error: "There was a problem syncing messages. Problem verifying the SSL certificate. Please ensure device date and time are accurate."

    Details button shows: AirSAMStateMachine.c 453 14724

    This happens only with SSL checked. If I uncheck "use SSL" everything synchs ok. I believe not using SSL is a bad idea, but Idon't know that for sure.

    ISP says they are fine - can set up a palm there no prob.

    Any ideas from this audience would be very much appreciated.
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